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feat(user page) 馃嵕 & fixes 馃帄

Florent Chehab requested to merge feature/userPage into master
  • Added a user page to show user information
  • Updated backend to handle the new data
  • Added backend test related to this
  • User can now be anonymous
  • NB: only users with level == authenticated user can be anonymous on the site
  • Backend serializers updated to return the pseudonyme of the user
  • Added a boolean field form element

Fixes #64 (closed) #65 (closed)

Other fixes:

  • Added basic test for userData
  • Fixed bug in ReadOnly permission
  • Fixed typos/bugs in new CrudActions
  • Enhance fields declaration in abstract serializers
  • Changed esx linting rules
  • Moved generic editors files
  • Updated network errors handling
Edited by Florent Chehab

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