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feat(backend): huge redesign and simplification

Florent Chehab requested to merge clean/remove_model_config_from_models into master
  • Removed model_config from all models; updated MyModelSerializer to include a new obj_info field. Updated frontend to take the change into account. (Fixes #78 (closed))
  • Removed get_viewset_permissions from most viewsets and added a generic getter in MyModelViewset.
  • Added support for composable permissions classes 🎊 (Fixes #45 (closed))
  • Cleaned config files: separated the files; added defaults.yaml
  • Moved shared folder (content) to backend.backend_app.config (still accessible to frontend, but it's cleaner that way since this folder contains files concerning only the backend).
  • Performance update with caching some attributes;
  • Even cleaner backend dynamic imports (#46 (closed))
  • Added a good chunck of documentation related to the backend (#74)
  • Added checks (runned when server is started or indirectly with make check_backend)
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