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feat(taggedItems): reworked, clean and operationnal & twaeked(site information): added notification parameter

Florent Chehab requested to merge finish/tagItems into master


  • Clean ALL migrations files as there were to many issues during the cleaning of taggedModels,

Tagged Items:

  • Only for university and country now
  • Auto creation on university/country creation
  • Front operationnal
  • Removed tag models and abstract tagged item

Site Information:

  • Added a should_notify boolean to the model/front


  • Added a default bot user
  • Fixed timezone warning in the back
  • Clean signals setup
  • Fixed proptypes of Fields in the front
  • Added HiddenField
  • Deleted now useless files

Closes #30 (closed) #58 (closed)

Edited by Florent Chehab

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