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feat(previous departure feedbacks): presentation & edit done 馃帀 | Tones of tweaks

Florent Chehab requested to merge edit/feedbacks into master

Previous exchange feedbacks:

  • renamed some fields
  • added would recommend field in course feedback
  • uniformaized grading scheme
  • Added viewsets/serializers in the back (+permissions & performance concerns)
  • Support edit in the front


  • directly return in the obj_info if the model is versioned or not
  • Added support for required get parameters
  • enum for model moderation level
  • More versatile metric feedback component
  • Fixed how the editor (frontend component) was telling if something has been moderated
  • Added a CURRENT_USER variable instead of using the one from html directly
  • Diminished website font-size
  • Better proptypes / defaultProps in fields
  • Added optionnal comment text on fields
  • Fixed the number field
  • Added Helper classes to centralize the manipulation of redux store data
  • Teaked pseudo/username returned by the api

Closes #29 (closed) #32 (closed)

Edited by Florent Chehab

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