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feat(Recommendation List): done | tweaks(a lot of stuff):

Florent Chehab requested to merge enhance/recommendation into master

Recommendation list:

  • Focus on performance with silent state update (and no hook)
  • Whole logic and componets working
  • Updated few stuff in the back
  • Complete validation of the recommendation list json content (and tests for most of it)
  • Compute universities from the JSON on save

Fixes #34 (closed) Fixse #127 (closed)


  • Reworked downshift multiple
  • Reworked selected and multislect field to use downshift multiple when there are too many options
  • Fixed wrong used of do_before_save
  • Drop use of redux for filter; switch to static handling of part of the state: much more natural

Fixes #125 (closed)

Other: New components: CopyToClipBoard, LinkToUser, onBlurContainer, SimplePopupMenu Updated SaveButton

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