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    🎉 feat(beta) 🎉 got ready, i.e. TWEAKS · f4549210
    Florent Chehab authored
    Beta time has come ! 🎉
    WARNING: migrations have been reset one last time!
    This MR concerns tones of little tweaks:
    * model moderation levels
    * serializers.meta.fields value
    * Viewset permissions
    * on_delete values
    * Update dark theme color
    * Added load prod base script
    * beta logo on website
    * Added missing about project markdown
    * Added RGPD notice to all forms
    * Put media files in a docker volume
    * More frequent currency exhange rates update
    * Front handling of scholarships
    * Currencies conversion in the front
    * Front theme icons color
    * No default networks in prod docker compose to prevent nasty VM routing
    Closes #135 #119 #96