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[Mail] Partially revert e0260299 and make Postfix listen to port 25 again

Quentin Duchemin requested to merge fix_mail_receive into master

I have no idea why I removed port 25 from Docker host mappings. While removing 993 (IMAP over SSL) and 465 (SMTPS) because they never worked and we use STARTTLS on 587 and 143, I probably removed 25 by error. Or because I thought it would be useless (why ?).

And also :

  • Move away ENV from Dockerfile (better to have only one self-documented place, ie Compose)
  • Remove smtps service from as it is obsolete and not mapped to any host port
  • Remove virtual_minimum_uid already set to the default and does not seem useful without virtual_uid_maps
  • Remove unused files (old private key, old rsyslog config)
  • Try to clarify some comments (not sure they are tho)
  • Fix syntax for milter filters (from Romain's hotfix on monitoring)
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