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Alertmanager can send to Postfix dashboard when probing is unsuccessful

parent af092068
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ groups:
summary: "Service down"
description: "{{ $labels.instance }} is down for more than 2 minutes"
# Redirect to HTTP or DNS dashboard based on vmagent job name
dashboard: '{{ if eq $labels.job "blackbox-http" -}}{{ $labels.instance }}{{- else if eq $labels.job "blackbox-dns" -}}{{ $labels.instance }}{{- end -}}'
dashboard: '{{ if eq $labels.job "blackbox-http" -}}{{ $labels.instance }}{{- else if eq $labels.job "blackbox-dns" -}}{{ $labels.instance }}{{- else if eq $labels.job "blackbox-mail" -}}{{- end -}}'
- alert: PostfixRejection
# As a test, alert when there is any rejection. If too much alert we will raise the threshold
expr: rate(postfix_smtpd_messages_rejected_total[5m]) > 0
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