Commit c98f3770 authored by Valentin Le Gauche's avatar Valentin Le Gauche
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Merge branch '50-donner-la-possibilite-de-stocker-les-differents-meetingscenario-crees' of into 50-donner-la-possibilite-de-stocker-les-differents-meetingscenario-crees
parents b365cede 833fad98
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ const MeetingScenario = require('../../model/classes/meeting/MeetingScenario')
* { [array_of_all_hardware_data], [array_of_all_software_data], [array_of_all_journey data]}.
function create ({ user, meetingDuration, payload }) {
// Create new meetingScenario
// Create new MeetingScenario
const meetingScenario = new MeetingScenario({ user, meetingDuration, payload })
// Add it to the database
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