Commit acded07c authored by Elouan Le Bars's avatar Elouan Le Bars
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[REF] result detailled view headers names

parent bc6bfc9c
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
import ResultsChart from "./ResultsChart.js";
import store from "../store/MainStore.js";
import { sections_comparatif } from "../options/options.js";
import { detailled_results_text } from "../options/detailled_results_text.js";
//register custom tooltip positioner for chart
......@@ -86,12 +87,8 @@ export default {
return (sphere) => store.state.impact_on_spheres_detailled[sphere];
title: function () {
//TODO: clean this function (code redundancy)
switch(this.selectedView) {
case "HUMAN_HEALTH": return "Impact sur la santé humaine"
case "ECOSYSTEM_QUALITY": return "Impact sur la qualité des écosystèmes"
case "CLIMATE_CHANGE": return "Impact sur le changement climatique"
case "RESOURCES": return "Impact sur les ressources"
if (this.selectedView) {
return sections_comparatif.find(el => == this.selectedView).title;
detailled_results_text: function () {
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