Commit f3dc7e3b authored by Gautier D's avatar Gautier D Committed by Gautier Daures
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feat(university): migrate university

parent 19143adf
from import University
from backend_app.models.campus import Campus
campuses = Campus.objects.filter(is_main_campus=True).prefetch_related(
"university", "city"
for campus in campuses:
university =
university.main_campus_lat =
university.main_campus_lon = campus.lon
city = = =
for university in University.objects.all():
assert != "", "city failed"
assert university.main_campus_lat != 0, "failed campus lat"
assert university.main_campus_lon != 0, "failed campus lon"
# can't check as there are universities in France
# assert != "FR", "country failed"
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