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......@@ -34,43 +34,44 @@ sudo su - rex-dri
cd ~/apps/rex-dri
make down_prod
sudo make down_prod
- Clean the useless docker volumes
# Check if you have randomly named volumes:
docker volume ls
sudo docker volume ls
# rm ONLY the one with random names
# docker volume rm ...
# sudo docker volume rm ...
- It's always a good idea to keep a VM up-to-date
service docker stop
apt udpate
apt upgrade
service docker start
sudo service docker stop
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
sudo service docker start
- Restart the API on top of the DSI data base
cd ~/apps/api-db-utc
make prod
sudo make prod
# Check it's running
curl localhost:8083/api/courses/chehabfl
sudo curl localhost:8083/api/courses/chehabfl
- Update the rex-dri repository
cd ~/apps/rex-dri
git pull
sudo git pull
# You should be on the master branch
git status
sudo git status
- Restart the website
......@@ -78,7 +79,7 @@ git status
# this will take several minutes to execute
# the frontend is going to be built, etc.
make prod
sudo make prod
- Update the remote data (to check that this important part works)
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