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doc(maintenance): How to update majors / minors

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# Update majors / minors
In case of changes of majors / minors at the UTC, the frontend filter utils need to be updated.
In `frontend/src/utils/majorMinorMappings.js`, each change has to be added as a new line in either `majorMapping` or `minorMapping` like this:
export const majorMapping = {
oldMajorName: "newMajorName",
export const minorMapping = {
majorName: {
oldMinorName: "newMinorName",
......@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@
- [Architecture](ProdRelated/architecture.md)
- [Dump database](ProdRelated/dump_database.md)
- Maintenance
- [Update major minor](ProdRelated/updateMajorMinor.md)
* Comments about technologies used
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