Commit 474ddb88 authored by Florent Chehab's avatar Florent Chehab

new setup for fonts

parent 956a81e2
......@@ -2,14 +2,7 @@
FROM floawfloaw/light-world-tileserver:latest
# Add the fonts
RUN apk add --no-cache wget unzip \
&& mkdir -p /data/fonts \
&& wget -O /data/fonts/ \
&& unzip /data/fonts/ -d /data/fonts \
&& rm /data/fonts/ \
&& ls /data \
&& ls /data/fonts \
&& apk del wget unzip
COPY ./data/fonts /data/fonts
COPY ./data/${ZOOM}.mbtiles /data/planet.mbtiles
......@@ -2,14 +2,18 @@ init_light_folder:
cd tileserver-gl && node publish.js || echo "osef si ça foire"
sed -i "1s/.*/FROM node:10.15.1-alpine/" tileserver-gl/light/Dockerfile
mkdir -p ./data/fonts
wget -O /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /data/fonts
build_base_image: init_light_folder
cd tileserver-gl/light && docker build --tag floawfloaw/light-world-tileserver:latest .
build_image_8: build_base_image
build_image_8: build_base_image get_fonts
docker build --build-arg ZOOM=8 --tag floawfloaw/light-world-tileserver:latest--zoom-8 .
build_image_11: build_base_image
build_image_11: build_base_image get_fonts
docker build --build-arg ZOOM=11 --tag floawfloaw/light-world-tileserver:latest--zoom-11 .
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