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......@@ -401,7 +401,21 @@ void Database::saveVoisinage(const QString& name, const RegleVoisinage& r) const
else if(type == 3) { //Arbitrary
throw "Unimplemented!";
query.prepare("INSERT INTO regles_voisinage (id, type, rayon) VALUES (:nom, :type, :rayon)");
query.bindValue(":nom", name);
query.bindValue(":type", type);
query.bindValue(":rayon", r.getr());
RegleVoisinageArbitraire& new_r = dynamic_cast<RegleVoisinageArbitraire&>(r);
for(size_t i = 0 ; i<new_r.coordonnees.size() ; i++)
query.prepare("INSERT INTO coord_voisinage VALUES (:nom, :x, :y)");
query.bindValue(":nom", name);
query.bindValue(":x", new_r.coordonnees[i].x);
query.bindValue(":y", new_r.coordonnees[i].y);
else {
throw "Unknown type!";
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