Commit 85b8b2ab authored by Paul Jeannot's avatar Paul Jeannot Committed by Quentin DRUAULT-AUBIN
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[Stats Pannel] Integration of the stat pannel when J1 or J2 plays

parent 1c05ca75
......@@ -544,9 +544,13 @@ public class InGameGUIController {
// (the better would be for data to have the boolean information
// in a Mine returned with attack)
facade.getFacadeData().attack(cellToAttack, true);
Pair<Integer, Ship> fireResult = facade.getFacadeData().attack(cellToAttack, true);
// Update stats pannel
currentPlayerStats.turnPlayed((fireResult.getKey() == 1), (fireResult.getValue() != null));
// Reinitialize chrono for the next turn.
// End of my turn.
......@@ -1129,6 +1133,10 @@ public class InGameGUIController {
// Change the CSS class of the cells.
destroyShip(destroyedShip, playerGrid);
// Update stats pannel
opponentStats.turnPlayed(touched, (destroyedShip != null));
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