Commit cb86885d authored by Andres Maldonado's avatar Andres Maldonado
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Fix minify error

etherpad.js does not get minified correctly with minify@5.2.0. Instead 
of the minified js, there is just 'Promise { <pending> }'. minify@5.1.1 
works correctly
parent 3df43097
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ RUN curl -SL${ETHERPAD_VERSION_B
COPY ./landing-page ./src/templates/landing-page
# Build and replace landing page
RUN npm install minify@5 && \
RUN npm install minify@5.1.1 && \
./src/templates/landing-page/build/ && \
cp ./src/templates/landing-page/index.html src/templates/index.html && \
cp -r ./src/templates/landing-page/static/* src/static/
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