Commit 421bc88b authored by Romain De Laage De Bellefaye's avatar Romain De Laage De Bellefaye 🌳
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[Etherpad] fix Dockerfile (title pad plugin)

parent d112f7af
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ WORKDIR /opt/etherpad-lite/
RUN for PLUGIN_NAME in ${ETHERPAD_PLUGINS}; do npm install "${PLUGIN_NAME}"; done && \
# Change default hard-coded pad title
sed -i 's|Untitled Pad|Nouveau pad|g' node_modules/ep_set_title_on_pad/templates/title.ejs && \
sed -i 's|Untitled Pad|Nouveau pad|g' node_modules/ep_set_title_on_pad/static/tests/frontend/specs/atest.js
sed -i 's|Untitled Pad|Nouveau pad|g' node_modules/ep_set_title_on_pad/static/tests/frontend/specs/title.js
# Set etherpad as owner of etherpad (permission for its content was already set in downloader)
RUN chown etherpad:etherpad /opt/etherpad-lite
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