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......@@ -491,7 +491,31 @@ index 951923e..bbbb145 100644
\subsection{Le HEAD}
\begin{frame}{Le HEAD}
\begin{frame}[fragile]{Le HEAD}
\verb+HEAD+ = position actuelle du Working Directory dans le Repository
%TODO changer l'historique avec le repo de test
* \textcolor{yellow}{commit d1afac976a28cdda65aa3d1e91b50022cca26623} (\textcolor{cyan}{HEAD} -> \textcolor{green}{master}, \textcolor{red}{origin/master}, \textcolor{red}{origin/HEAD)}
\textcolor{red}{|} Author: huetremy <>
\textcolor{red}{|} Date: Wed Sep 26 15:57:35 2018 +0200
\textcolor{red}{|} Principe remote + git clone
* \textcolor{yellow}{commit 0f1e136f0d89c778c4ee4a598af11f1cd4630acf}
\textcolor{red}{|} Author: huetremy <>
\textcolor{red}{|} Date: Mon Sep 24 13:15:10 2018 +0200
\textcolor{red}{|} Update README
* \textcolor{yellow}{commit 3282f4f1d3a5cfcbc3a0307f423921c88281b572}
\textcolor{red}{|} Author: huetremy <>
\textcolor{red}{|} Date: Mon Sep 24 11:51:12 2018 +0200
\textcolor{red}{|} Correction git log, git diff
\subsection{Enregistrer les modifications locales}
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