Commit 68ebb952 authored by Nu Huyen Trang Pham's avatar Nu Huyen Trang Pham
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Ajouter les valeurs dans les tables

parent 69d3b178
insert into Client values ('Nguyen','Triet','1998-06-12','15 Rue Winston Churchill','0698593783'),('Nguyen','Dung','1998-01-04','1 Rue de Paris','0697142635');
insert into Veterinaire values ('Alex','Sandro','1970-08-14','12 Rue Saint Saens','0789124536',1),('Mohamed','Salah','1983-07-09','1 Rue Victoria','0304512368',2);
insert into Assistant values ('Kilian','Mbappe','1989-06-21','12 Rue Palais','0898456321',1),('Leonel','Messi','1987-05-04','1 Rue Auguste','0945361785',2);
insert into Classe_animal values ('Mammifiere'),('oiseaux');
insert into Espece values ('chien',1),('chat',1);
insert into Animal values ('Phe',20,20,'2008-06-01',1,2),('KiKi',30,25,'2006-01-06',1,1);
insert into Medicament values ('vitamin A','bon pour yeux'),('Vitamin D','bon pour os');
insert into Effets_secondaires values('pas bon pour bebe'),('pas bon pour female pregnant');
insert into Medicament_Effet values (1,1),(1,2),(2,2);
insert into Med_correspond_Ani values (1,2),(1,1),(2,1),(2,2);
insert into Traitement values ('08:00:00','01:00:00','Optique',1,2),('10:00:00','01:30:00','Osteopathie',2,3);
insert into Traitement_Medicament values (1,2,4),(2,2,5);
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