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......@@ -27,3 +27,58 @@ src/AppNavigator.vue
The former describe the state of the root. The later manages the push/pop operations associated with the stack pattern.
#### The tab bar \(simplified\)
computed: {
tabs() {
var tab =
label: this.$t('map'),
icon: "ion-map",
active: false,
page: Map,
theme: red
label: this.$t('mission'),
icon: "ion-home",
page: Home,
theme: red
label: this.$t('records'),
icon: "ion-edit",
page: Releve,
theme: purple,
label: "Folia",
icon: "ion-search",
page: Folia,
theme: purple
return tab
The v-ons-tabbar component has a **tabs** property. In vueJS, a property starting with a column is **bound** to the local context.
Here the binding occurs with the variable tabs \(declared tabs\(\)\).
{% hint style="info" %}
Try to change labels or icon in tabs\(\) declaration.
{% endhint %}
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