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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ src/AppNavigator.vue
The former describe the state of the root. The later manages the push/pop operations associated with the stack pattern.
#### The tab bar \(simplified\)
#### The Tabbar \(simplified\)
......@@ -100,15 +100,23 @@ From there access Vue Dev Tools.
The first tab of Vue Dev Tools is for watching component
{% endhint %}
{% hint style="info" %}
Use filter option to quickly access a given component
{% endhint %}
Here the Tabbar component is selected. Its **properties** \(eg. tabs\) can be directly visualized in dev tools.
![AppTabbar properties](../../.gitbook/assets/selection_503.png)
{% hint style="info" %}
For each properties, find which dom element is bound
{% endhint %}
#### The navigator component
......@@ -133,7 +141,3 @@ Let's consider this piece of code. We notice 2 main property associated to v-ons
* page-stack : **preceded by a comma,** its value is **bound** to the current state of the stack \(an array\)
* pop-page : **preceded by a comma,** its value is **bound** to a function \(storePop\), this function simply remove the last element of the stack
# Pages and component
## Getting Super Powers
Becoming a super hero is a fairly straight forward process:
$ give me super-powers
{% hint style="info" %}
Super-powers are granted randomly so please submit an issue if you're not happy with yours.
{% endhint %}
Once you're strong enough, save the world:
{% code title="hello.sh" %}
# Ain't no code for that yet, sorry
echo 'You got to trust me on this, I saved the world'
{% endcode %}
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