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## Pages in Albiziapp
Since Albiziapp aims to mimic mobile look and feels, it is structured using the "page pattern".
Since Albiziapp aims to mimic mobile look and feels, it is structured using the "page pattern" proposed by the [OnsenUI Framwork](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/).
Think of a page as **a specific screen of a mobile app**. Pages are practical for **performing fast, focused interactions**. They usually have only one purpose, and they take all the screen.
......@@ -14,24 +14,32 @@ It's a best practice to keep pages focused on only one task
### The v-ons-page component
Pages are defined by the [https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-page.html](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-page.html)
Pages being VueJS components, they have a formal definition. The page component documentation can be found here : [v-ons-page](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-page.html).
A minimal example of a v-ons-page is :
<p style="text-align: center">
"Hello world of pages"
$ give me super-powers
{% hint style="info" %}
Super-powers are granted randomly so please submit an issue if you're not happy with yours.
{% endhint %}
### Sub-components
Once you're strong enough, save the world:
Interface components such as [checkbox](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-checkbox.html), [switch](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-switch.html)... are **always declared inside a page component.** Three types of subcomponents can be distinguished :
* Native [OnsenUI components](https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/)
* Custom components \(specific to Albiziapp\)
* Components from external libraries \(such as [Leaflet](https://leafletjs.com/)\)
Native components are easy to use and integrates perfectly with the application. Using them guarantee a consistent user interface. They
{% code title="hello.sh" %}
# Ain't no code for that yet, sorry
echo 'You got to trust me on this, I saved the world'
{% endcode %}
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