Commit 26c15d24 authored by Clement Lucas's avatar Clement Lucas
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Update TABLE.sql

parent 4062d637
......@@ -99,7 +99,10 @@ CREATE TABLE Billet (
paiement typePaiement NOT NULL,
id_voyageur INTEGER REFERENCES Voyageur(id_voyageur) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(id_billet)
gare_depart INTEGER REFERENCES Gare(id_gare) NOT NULL,
gare_arrivee INTEGER REFERENCES Gare(id_gare) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(id_billet),
CHECK gare_depart <> gare_arrivee
---Trajet (#id_trajet : int, #id_billet=>Billet, numéro_place :integer, durée: heure,
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