Commit d4cbf755 authored by Antoine Kryus's avatar Antoine Kryus
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feat API ajout des requetes de myriem adel matteo

parent 9740c062
SELECT * FROM Association;
SELECT * FROM Batiment;
SELECT * FROM CategorieBillet;
SELECT * FROM Inscription;
SELECT * FROM MembreDeLUniversite;
SELECT * FROM MembreExterieur;
SELECT * FROM Spectacle;
SELECT auteur, anneedeparution AS Année FROM Spectacle WHERE type='PieceDeTheatre' AND typetheatre='Comedie' ORDER BY anneedeparution DESC;
SELECT idbillet, nom, prenom, categoriebillet FROM Billet B JOIN MembreDeLUniversite M ON B.acheteurUniversite = M.numeroCIN JOIN CategorieBillet C ON B.categoriebillet = C.idcategorie WHERE C.idcategorie=7; --et là faut rajouter le nom de la catégorie
......@@ -6,3 +19,27 @@ DELETE FROM Inscription WHERE numeroCIN = 12 AND association = 2;
SELECT statut, nom, prenom, auteur FROM MembreDeLuniversite M JOIN Role R ON M.numeroCIN = R.numeroCIN JOIN Spectacle S ON R.idspectacle = S.idspectacle WHERE S.type='PieceDeTheatre'; -- et là faut rajouter R.desc
SELECT nom FROM Batiment B WHERE B.nom = 'BF';
SELECT prenom, telephone FROM MembreExterieur;
SELECT * FROM MembreDeLUniversite, MembreExterieur;
SELECT nom, mail, salle FROM Association WHERE idAssociation>3;
SELECT compositeur, genreConcert FROM Spectacle WHERE type='Concert';
SELECT * FROM Billet WHERE seance=7;
SELECT organismeAffilie, telephone FROM MembreExterieur;
SELECT * FROM Inscription, Role;
SELECT * FROM Seance, Salle WHERE Seance.salle = Salle.numero;
SELECT * FROM Batiment, Salle WHERE Batiment.idBatiment = Salle.batiment;
SELECT idBatiment,nom FROM Batiment WHERE nom = 'Victor Hugo';
SELECT numero FROM Salle WHERE type = 'bureau';
SELECT nom, mail FROM Association WHERE idAssociation>3;
SELECT compositeur, genreConcert FROM Spectacle WHERE type = 'Concert';
SELECT horaire, spectacle FROM Seance JOIN Spectacle ON Seance.spectacle = Spectacle.idSpectacle WHERE Seance.spectacle = '1';
SELECT nom, prenom FROM MembreDeLUniversite WHERE nom = 'Cuadrado';
SELECT nom, prenom, telephone FROM MembreExterieur WHERE organismeAffilie = 'CNIL';
SELECT tarif, nombreDeBillet FROM CategorieBillet WHERE tarif>5;
SELECT M.nom, M.prenom FROM Role R JOIN MembreDeLUniversite M ON R.numeroCIN = M.numeroCIN WHERE R.numeroCIN = '5';
UPDATE Batiment SET nom='Benjamin Franklin' WHERE nom='BF';
UPDATE MembreDeLUniversite SET nom='Styles' WHERE nom='Khal';
UPDATE Seance SET spectacle=7 WHERE spectacle=1;
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