Commit 742abfc1 authored by Antoine Kryus's avatar Antoine Kryus
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add la requete d'adel

parent c653d305
......@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ DELETE FROM Inscription WHERE numeroCIN = 12 AND association = 2;
SELECT statut, nom, prenom, auteur, role FROM MembreDeLuniversite M JOIN Role R ON M.numeroCIN = R.numeroCIN JOIN Spectacle S ON R.idspectacle = S.idspectacle WHERE S.type='PieceDeTheatre';
SELECT B.seance, COUNT(*) AS nb_billets FROM Billet B JOIN Seance S ON B.seance = S.idSeance GROUP BY B.seance ORDER BY nb_billets DESC;
SELECT nom FROM Batiment B WHERE B.nom = 'BF';
SELECT prenom, telephone FROM MembreExterieur;
SELECT * FROM MembreDeLUniversite, MembreExterieur;
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