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Updated python depencies

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#OutGoing_REX #OutGoing_REX
Django==2.0.10 Django==2.1.7
psycopg2-binary==2.7.4 psycopg2-binary==2.7.7
django-cas-ng==3.6.0 django-cas-ng==3.6.0
djangorestframework==3.8.2 # Django REST Framework djangorestframework==3.9.1
coreapi==2.3.3 # Automatic API doc generation coreapi==2.3.3 # Automatic API doc generation
django-reversion==2.0.13 django-reversion==3.0.3
django-reversion-compare==0.8.4 django-reversion-compare==0.8.6
pytest-django==3.4.7 pytest-django==3.4.7
pytest-cov==2.6.1 pytest-cov==2.6.1
pytest-xdist==1.23.0 pytest-xdist==1.23.0
black django-debug-toolbar==1.11
flake8 pandas==0.24.1
django-debug-toolbar==1.9.1 pyyaml==3.13
django-extensions==2.1.5 django-extensions==2.1.5
uwsgi uwsgi==2.0.18
dotmap dotmap==1.3.4
django-webpack-loader==0.6.0 django-webpack-loader==0.6.0
ipython # For a better Django shell
# Direct dev depencies
ipython==7.3.0 # For a better Django shell
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