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"python.pythonPath": "/usr/bin/python3"
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File added
from django.utils.deprecation import MiddlewareMixin
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect
from django.conf import settings
from re import compile
EXEMPT_URLS = [compile(settings.LOGIN_URL.lstrip('/'))]
if hasattr(settings, 'LOGIN_EXEMPT_URLS'):
EXEMPT_URLS += [compile(expr) for expr in settings.LOGIN_EXEMPT_URLS]
class LoginRequiredMiddleware(MiddlewareMixin):
Middleware that requires a user to be authenticated to view any page other
than LOGIN_URL. Exemptions to this requirement can optionally be specified
in settings via a list of regular expressions in LOGIN_EXEMPT_URLS (which
you can copy from your
Requires authentication middleware and template context processors to be
loaded. You'll get an error if they aren't.
def process_request(self, request):
assert hasattr(request, 'user'), "The Login Required middleware\
requires authentication middleware to be installed. Edit your\
MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting to insert\
'django.contrib.auth.middlware.AuthenticationMiddleware'. If that doesn't\
work, ensure your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting includes\
if not request.user.is_authenticated:
path = request.path_info.lstrip('/')
if not any(m.match(path) for m in EXEMPT_URLS):
return HttpResponseRedirect(settings.LOGIN_URL)
\ No newline at end of file
Django settings for outgoing_rex project.
Generated by 'django-admin startproject' using Django 2.0.3.
For more information on this file, see
For the full list of settings and their values, see
import os
# Build paths inside the project like this: os.path.join(BASE_DIR, ...)
BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)))
# Quick-start development settings - unsuitable for production
# See
# SECURITY WARNING: keep the secret key used in production secret!
SECRET_KEY = '0a1kbtt%as4624u*9+r+c%j1tlq&dc08==c3w604(4igc+t6tw'
# SECURITY WARNING: don't run with debug turned on in production!
DEBUG = True
# Application definition
LOGIN_URL = 'accounts/login'
# TODO add ignore administration
ROOT_URLCONF = 'general_site.urls'
'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates',
'DIRS': [],
'APP_DIRS': True,
'context_processors': [
WSGI_APPLICATION = 'general_site.wsgi.application'
# Database
'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',
'NAME': os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'db.sqlite3'),
# Password validation
'NAME': 'django.contrib.auth.password_validation.UserAttributeSimilarityValidator',
'NAME': 'django.contrib.auth.password_validation.MinimumLengthValidator',
'NAME': 'django.contrib.auth.password_validation.CommonPasswordValidator',
'NAME': 'django.contrib.auth.password_validation.NumericPasswordValidator',
# Internationalization
TIME_ZONE = 'Europe/Paris'
USE_I18N = True
USE_L10N = True
USE_TZ = True
# Static files (CSS, JavaScript, Images)
STATIC_URL = '/static/'
STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'static')
\ No newline at end of file
from django.conf.urls import include, url
from django.contrib import admin
import django_cas_ng.views
urlpatterns = [
url(r'^accounts/login$', django_cas_ng.views.login, name='cas_ng_login'),
url(r'^accounts/logout$', django_cas_ng.views.logout, name='cas_ng_logout'),
url(r'^accounts/callback$', django_cas_ng.views.callback, name='cas_ng_proxy_callback'),
url(r'', include('rex.urls')),
\ No newline at end of file
WSGI config for outgoing_rex project.
It exposes the WSGI callable as a module-level variable named ``application``.
For more information on this file, see
import os
from django.core.wsgi import get_wsgi_application
os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "general_site.settings")
application = get_wsgi_application()
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import sys
if __name__ == "__main__":
os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "general_site.settings")
from import execute_from_command_line
except ImportError as exc:
raise ImportError(
"Couldn't import Django. Are you sure it's installed and "
"available on your PYTHONPATH environment variable? Did you "
"forget to activate a virtual environment?"
) from exc
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