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Article response

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......@@ -10,27 +10,22 @@ import java.util.List;
@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)
public class BottomatikResponse {
protected String id;
protected String username;
protected String type;
protected int fun_id;
protected long expires_at;
protected long creation_date;
protected List<String> articles;
public class ArticleResponse {
protected int id;
protected String name;
protected int fundation_id;
protected int categorie_id;
protected int price;
protected boolean cotisant;
protected boolean alcool;
protected boolean active;
public String getId() { return; }
public String getUsername() { return this.username; }
public String getType() { return this.type; }
public int getFoundationId() { return this.fun_id; }
public long getExpiresAt() { return this.expires_at; }
public long getCreatedAt() { return this.creation_date; }
public List<Integer> getArticleList() {
List<Integer> articleList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
for (String article : this.articles)
return articleList;
public int getId() { return; }
public String getName() { return; }
public int getFoundationId() { return this.fundation_id; }
public int getCategoryId() { return this.categorie_id; }
public int getPrice() { return this.price; }
public boolean getIsContributerOnly() { return this.cotisant; }
public boolean getIsAdultOnly() { return this.alcool; }
public boolean getIsActive() { return; }
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