Commit dcabf779 authored by Oswaldo Aldair Alanis Mayorga's avatar Oswaldo Aldair Alanis Mayorga
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Update insertClient.html

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......@@ -6,14 +6,15 @@
<form method = "get" action = "insertClient.php">
<form method = "post" action = "ajouterClient.php">
<P> Nom: <input type="text" name="nom"> <BR> </P>
<P> Prenom : <input type="text" name="Prenom"> <BR> </P>
<P> Prenom : <input type="text" name="prenom"> <BR> </P>
<P> Date de Naissance : <input type="date" name="ddn"> <BR> </P>
<P> Adresse : <input type="text" name="add"> <BR> </P>
<P> Numero de Telephone : <input type="number" name="nTel"> <BR> </P>
<P> Numero de Telephone : <input type="number" name="ntel"> <BR> </P>
<button name = "add" value = "add" type = "submit"> Add </button>
<button name = "add" value = "add" type = "submit"> Add </button>
<button type="reset" value="Borrar información"> Reset </button>
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