Commit 4cce6857 authored by Wang Gao's avatar Wang Gao

Merge branch 'liste_etu_par_UV'

parents e17e0133 bc9e1042
# let user to input the UV
# list all student of this UV
# The second line of *.edt files has the sufficiant info
# e.g.
# zhajingq IM02 5 EN21 FQ01 LA92 MQ03 TN02
# Créer une catalogue UV
awk 'FNR==2 {print $0}' ./data/*.edt > inscrit.tmptxt
awk '{$1=""; $2=""; $3=""; print $0}' inscrit.tmptxt > alluv.tmptxt
# awk '{printf("%s ", $0)}' alluv.tmptxt | awk '{for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) print $i}' | sort > catalogue_UV.tmptxt
awk '{printf("%s ", $0)}' alluv.tmptxt | awk '{for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) print $i}' | sort -u > catalogue_UV.tmptxt
# for a given user input, check if it is an UV
function f_exist_uv(){
local exist
for item in $(cat catalogue_UV.tmptxt);do
if [ "$1" == "$item" ]; then
echo you are good to go
# 0 = true exist
return 0
return # 1 = false not exist
# Ask user to tape an UV code
echo "Which UV do you want to know about ?"
read choosedUV
# re-ask user if it is not an UV
while [ "0"==$(f_exist_uv $choosedUV) ] ; do
if f_exist_uv $choosedUV ; then
echo "UV non exsitante, veuillez re selectionner"
read choosedUV
# For an valided UV code, list students
grep -hnr "$choosedUV" inscrit.tmptxt | awk '{print FILENAME, $0}' > $choosedUV.tmptxt
awk 'BEGIN{print "login ","\tSemestre" ;
{print $3,"\t",$4}' $choosedUV.tmptxt
# cleanups
rm *.tmptxt
\ No newline at end of file
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