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Pour réaliser votre conversion vous devez ajouter votre fichier .scar dans le dossier input. Veillez à n'en placer qu'un seul
dedans. Ensuite il suffit d'appeler le script (.bat ou .sh).
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GPL 3.0
Thibault Drain
Christophe Virot
Pierre Lemaire
This project can be used alone if you only want to convert a opale .scar
into a hdoc file.
User Documentation
You have to respect the following steps :
Extract a module file from your Opale workspace
You can't export directly a web, paper or slide show support. You must extract
a module scar.
Moreover, when you extract a module, keep the default configuration :
"Include descendant network" input : checked
"keep workspaces" : unchecked
1. First, if you want to transform your
Opale publication to a Hdoc format,
you have to export a module file as a scar.
2. Then you just have to put your scar in the repository input inside the project
Finally, you can either launch the bash, the bat or start the ant by
taping the following instruction : ant -buildfile opale_to_hdoc
- Module
Titre court
Références générales
Activité d'auto évaluation
Exercice rédactionnel
Exercice QCM
Exercice QCM graphique
Exercice QCU
Exercice QCU graphique
Exercice catégorisation
Exercice ordonnancement
Exercice texte à trous
Exercice question à réponse courte
Liste d'exercice
- Activité d'apprentissage
Titre court
Exercice rédactionnel
Exercice QCU
Exercice QCU graphique
Exercice QCM
Exercice QCM graphique
Exercice catégorisation
Exercice ordonnancement
Exercice texte à trous
Exercice question à réponse courte
Liste d'exercice
- Grain de contenu
Titre court
- Blocs
All bloc types are supported
- Types de texte
Ressources (ressources de type animation non supporté)
Fichier en téléchargement
- Éléments présents dans un texte
Formule mathématique
Lien vers un document
Renvoi vers une ressource
Renvoi vers un grain de contenu
Known bugs
All the ressources are not managed yet. Thus, sometimes the markup sp:res is
not visited by the program and it ends up with blank divs inside the
result.hdoc witch prevent it
from being valid. More over, we're not 100% sure
that there always will be a markup sp:index to define the type of the
ressource. However, now the index is used to determine
wether the target
hdoc markup has to be a img or object (video, audio remain in development).
- Listings are simply put inside p markups and should be externalized as pictures (ressources) in order to maintain the indent.
- Externalized opale UC and UA files are full of relative path that point
multiple kinds of references. Our ant program begins by merging all these
files into the root opale file.
Thus the relative paths become wrong.
Next group could look at what have been done with ressources (sp:res)
in order
to handle references the same way.
- Presently, you cannot select one scar file inside the input repository.
It could be useful to define an InputPath parameter that
would either
have the value of the only file set in input or would have the
value of a submissed relative path.
Technical notes
The zip file includes 7 files :
opale_to_hdoc.ant : which executes instructions (unzips compressed files,
calls xsl, etc.) : linked to the ANT file (may contain ant
opale_to_hdoc_regle1.xsl : which creates an only XML source file
opale_to_hdoc_regle2.xsl : which converts the XML source file to a hdoc file
container.xsl : which changes the container's schemas to hdoc schemas
find_ressources.xsl : which creates an ant file to move all resource files
from the original scar directory to the output hdoc directory
saxon9he.jar : Stored in the lib folder, this file allows the project to
use the same xsl processor oxygen uses
The sample is a Opale scar (an exported module). You can use it to test
the converter.
It contains several elements which are currently supported by the converter.
During this semester, several converters have been realized. The goal is
to transform different formats (mainly scenari formats) into others.
The opale_to_hdoc converter
transcribes an opal publication to a hdoc
format. Opal has many elements and all are not supported by the converter
yet. Currently, it can handle the majority of "Modules",
d'apprentissage" and "Grains de contenu".
The source code converter is available and can be completed in order to
improve it and manage more Opale elements.
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