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...@@ -9,10 +9,15 @@ GPL3.0 ...@@ -9,10 +9,15 @@ GPL3.0
Credits Credits
------- -------
Amélie Perdriaud
Thibault Brocheton *Amélie Perdriaud
Bastien Frémondière *Thibault Brocheton
Guillaume Gomez *Bastien Frémondière
*Guillaume Gomez
This project aims at converting mindmapping files to hdoc files.
User documentation User documentation
------------------ ------------------
...@@ -35,14 +40,34 @@ You will find the result in the folder mindmapping_to_hdoc/result ...@@ -35,14 +40,34 @@ You will find the result in the folder mindmapping_to_hdoc/result
Unsupported Unsupported
----------- -----------
*Convert color
*Convert icon into summary elements.
*headers (especially keywords) are partially supported.
Known bugs Known bugs
---------- ----------
*All hdoc samples given in the "Download" section have been tested and should work well. If you want to use your own hdoc files, make sure that container.xml's root contains version="1.0" and xmlns="" attributes. Otherwise ant building will fail.
*It is not specified in hdoc's standard but I assume that hdoc's content file (usually named "content.xml") fullpath is a relative path that begins at the root of the hdoc archive. That means that the full-path attribute of <rootfile> (in container.xml) begins with a character, and not a special sequence such as ".", ".." or "/". It is already the case for my samples, but if you want to use your own samples make sure this full-path attribute is ok.
Todo Todo
---- ----
*Get mindmap from Framamind
*Mindmap to lexique conversion
*Mindmap to optim conversion
Technical notes Technical notes
--------------- ---------------
This converter is using standard NF29 conversion project structure : I use a main ANT file (named mapMapping2Hdoc.ant), which handles routine tasks (zipping archives, copying files, order tasks), XSL-XSLT transformation scripts calls. This main ANT file is composed of several targets.
During the conversion process, I use a few temporary files stored in a temp folder : their content depends on hdoc's files (such as "container.xml", "content.xml" and ressource files). See details below.
You can comment the part of code where temp directory is deleted in order to view raw files directly instead of unzipping hdoc file.
What is META-INF folder ?
This is a simple folder with a xml file named 'content.xml' that contains useful information for Opale. Every .scar archives must contain this file, what it exactly does is not the purpose of this project.
Freemind / HDOC
Capitalisation Capitalisation
-------------- --------------
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