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Please consult the section "User Stories" of file in [`hdoc_to_basex`] (
Step by step :
[`Step 1 : File transformation`]
- Put the files .scar you want to deal with in the folder [input](
- Run the transformation progam (Win : double click run.bat, Linux : execute
- This transformation includes :
* Title, authors, keywords
* First Level section : title, type
[`Step 2 : Create data base in basex`]
- Download and install [BaseX](
- Run BasexGui
- In the Text Editor of BaseX, open the command script "createbd.bxs" in folder [`command`](
Follow the instructions in the script, and then execute it.
[`Step 3 : Make XQuery request`]
- In the Text Editor of BaseX, you can open and execute xquery script "main.xq" in folder [`xquery`](
It's in this main module that we call predefined functions and execute script
- .xqm files are library modules where we have defined functions, we can go to these files for more detailed using instructions
Available library modules :
* searchDocByAuthor.xqm
* searchDocByTitle.xqm
* searchSectionByTitle.xqm
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