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Work on the support of unsupported elements above.
RDF files are interesting because they can be used to create maps of datas. Here are any links to intersting applications using RDF.
# Converter optim_to_lexique
Converter optim_to_lexique
License GPL3.0
Estelle de Magondeaux
Marouane Hammi
Antoine Aufrechter
In order to use this converter, follow those steps :
1. Copy your Optim files (.scar or .zip) into the input directory.
1. Copy your Optim file(s) (.scar or .zip) into the input directory.
2. Execute the run that correspond to your OS.
3. You will find the result into the output directory. The name of the output files depends of the hour it was processed.
User documentation
Known bugs
Supports Markdown
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