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There are two different ways to use the converter hdoc_to_pdf: by running a script run.bat/ or by command line using a terminal (allows the user to specify some parameters).
The folder samples contains a hdoc file which may be used for some tests.
#### Running the script run.bat/
......@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ This converter is based on two converters :
User documentation
The folder samples contains a scar file which may be used for some tests.
Follow the steps above to get a pdf file from a scar one:
1. Download and unzip it.
2. Add your source file into the input folder. It must be a .scar file.
3. Place _only one file_ in that folder.
4. On Linux or Mac, run the script On Windows, run the script run.bat.
5. Your file has been converted, the result is in the output folder.
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