Commit 9ffa44a4 authored by Aghiles's avatar Aghiles
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Correction gestion des sections lien externe/ voir aussi

parent 96953e57
......@@ -423,8 +423,10 @@
<xsl:template match="div[@id='toctitle']/h2" priority="1"/>
<!-- Ignoring end of file h2: see also, etc... -->
<xsl:template match="h2[not(following-sibling::p intersect following-sibling::h2[1]/preceding-sibling::p)]"/>
<!-- <xsl:template match="h2[not(following-sibling::p intersect following-sibling::h2[1]/preceding-sibling::p)]"/>-->
<xsl:template match=" h2[following-sibling::ul[li/a[@class='external text'] and preceding-sibling::h2]][last()]"/>
<xsl:template match=" h2[following-sibling::div[@class='references-small decimal'] and preceding-sibling::h2][last()]"/>
<xsl:template match="div[@id='mw-navigation']/h2"/>
<!-- Ignoring divs by default: they are not relevant to us -->
<xsl:template match="div" mode="#all"/>
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