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New README for the Opale to hdoc

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Converter hdoc_to_pdf
The purpose of this converter is to obtain an PDF file from a hdoc document.
License GPL3.0
* Raphaël Debray
* Baptiste Perraud
This project can be used alone if you only want to convert a hdoc file into a PDF file.
User documentation
Known bugs
* Generate a clean PDF file (using the LaTeX formatting example)
- Create a default CSS file with basic spine rules
- Get the right free font (equivalent to the LaTeX's one)
* Handle as fully as possible of widows and girl orphans; trying to match Prince's layout and implementing the suitable CSS rules (which shall not be interpreted by FS)
* Allow the user to override some specific CSS rules, according to the main layout logical rules
* Bonus: find out a HTML editor to manually add line breaks to a hdoc file in order to resolve widows and girl orphans problems after the PDF file's generation
Technical notes
* The backlog of the current project is at the following url:
* The user stories of the current project are at the following url:
Supports Markdown
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