Commit 64d3e367 authored by Neveux Anais's avatar Neveux Anais
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add samples, add an output file to check whether it's a canoprof scar or not.

parent 04d2bc1b
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
<antcall target="init" />
<antcall target="unzip_scar" />
<antcall target="process_canoscar"/>
<antcall target="not_canoscar"/>
<echo message="OK" file="${out}/testfile"/>
<antcall target="zip" />
<antcall target="clean"/>
......@@ -43,9 +44,13 @@
<target name="process_canoscar" depends="check_scar" if="${canoprof.is_canoprof_scar}">
<!-- TODO traitement du fichier -->
<echo file="${tmp}/toto.xml" message="C'est un scar canoprof"/>
<echo file="${out}/scar_cano_or_not_scar_cano.txt" message="C'est un scar canoprof"/>
<target name="not_canoscar" depends="check_scar" unless="${canoprof.is_canoprof_scar}">
<echo file="${out}/scar_cano_or_not_scar_cano.txt" message="Ce n'est pas un scar canoprof"/>
<!-- Unzip the scar -->
<target name="unzip_scar">
<!-- get scar file path -->
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