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Ce convertisseur permet de convertir des fichiers du format Hdoc (.hdoc) en contenus Optim de type papier (.paper) ou diaporama (.slideshow)
Il y a deux façons de réaliser votre conversion:
- Lancer le script run. Dans ce cas vous devez ajouter votre fichier .hdoc dans le dossier input. Veillez à ne placer qu'un seul fichier dans ce dossier. Le format par défaut utilisé pour le fichier cible est le type papier.
- En ligne de commande:
ant -buildfile hdoc_to_optim.ant
Vous pouvez spécifier le fichier input, avec le paramètre -DInputFile, et le format de sortie avec le paramètre -DDocType (paper ou slideshow). Les deux paramètres sont optionnels.
ant -buildfile hdoc_to_optim.ant -DDocType slideshow -DInputFile sample.hdoc
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Converter hdoc_to_optim
The purpose of this converter is to obtain an Optim document (paper or slideshow) from a html file that complies the hdoc schema.
License GPL3.0
Rihab HACHEM, Perrine RAVAUD (2014).
No dependance needed.
User documentation
There are two different ways to use the converter hdoc_to_optim: by running a script run.bat/ or by command line using a terminal.
--- Running the script run.bat/
Use this method if you do not want to use a terminal. D1. Download and unzip it.2. Add your source file to the Input folder.
3. Place only one file in that folder.
4. If you are using Linux, run the script If you are using Windows, run the script run.bat.
5. Your file has been converted, the result is in the Output folder.
6. You can now open it with OptimOffice.
The default output document type used by this script is an Optim paper.
--- Terminal:
By using the terminal you can specify some parameters to the conversion : the source file, or the output type (either a paper or a slideshow).
1. Download and unzip it.
2. Open your terminal and go into the folder hdoc_to_optim.
3. Run the following command:
"ant -buildfile hdoc_to_optim.ant"
You can specify the source file, and the output document type by adding parameters to that command.
Use -DInputFile to specify the source file.
Use -DDocType to specify if it's a paper or a slideshow.
Exemple :"ant -buildfile hdoc_to_optim.ant -DDocType slideshow -DInputFile sample.hdoc"
Both parameters are optional.Your file has been converted, you can open your paper with OptimOffice.
- In paper and slideshow :
Inline : Superscript, Subscript
SpanType : Latex , Syntax- In slideshow :
Metadata : Description, Keywords
Known bugs
No known bugs now.
- Offer the possibility of creating a website, or a webmedia document.
- For the slideshow, find a way to transform the metadata information (description, keywords) into something similar.- Integrate Concept trees.
Technical notes
The converter contains 5 files:
- hdoc_to_optim.ant :
When you launch the Converter (whether through the script or a terminal) it's the file hdoc_to_optim.ant that is launched, and executes the following files.
- find_content.xsl :
This XSLT program runs through the hdoc file container.xml to retrieve the path of the file to convert and creates a ANT script get_content.ant.
- find_ressources.xsl :
This XSLT program runs through the content file of hdoc to retrieve the path of each audio files, images and objects used in it and creates a ANT script get_ressources.ant.
- transfo.xsl (paper) :
This XSLT program runs through the content file of hdoc and convert each hdoc tag in Optim tags if possible. It converts it to a paper.
- transfo2.xsl (slideshow) :
This XSLT program runs through the content file of hdoc and convert each hdoc tag in Optim tags if possible. It converts it to a slideshow.
- .wspmeta :
This file contains Optim metadata informations, it must be placed in the result of the conversion
Thanks to this project I deepened my knowledge in XSLT, ANT, RelaxNG Schema, and HTML.
I learned how to use OptimOffice.
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