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Converter : Wikipedia_to_Hdoc
Licence : GPL 3.0
Licence :
GPL 3.0
Credits :
......@@ -88,4 +91,11 @@ Be aware of the following things
1 - Linux sh files doesn't work with UTC proxy but works outside UTC
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1 - Linux sh files doesn't work with UTC proxy but works outside of UTC.
2 - Random errors might occur
Wikipedia is a great tool : everyone can participe. However, it does not provide contributors with best practices that everyone follows. The result is a lot of different ways to write articles. This is why this converter might not handle some situations (even if all files I have tried worked), and it might not be able to output some Wikipedia articles at its current state.
3 - Small issues with Opale
Links can be invisible if you use an old version of Opale. This is not a problem coming from the Wikipedia to Hdoc converter. Make sure you use an updated version of Opale to test your scar archives.
Another thing is that Opale might indicate that the scar file contains errors once imported. Actually, these "errors" are warnings. The archives work, as they were validated when making the scar file. These warnings come from Opale, but you can ignore them.
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