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......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@ Filepaths in this document are relative to this readme file.
- Apply html2xhtmlv1.xsl : this xsl is used as a fix and adds br tag at the end of lists (ul and ol)
- Apply html2xhtmlv2.xsl : this xsl surround text line with p tags and transforms non-hdoc tags into hdoc tags as s, u, strong tags.
- Apply html2xhtml3.xsl : this xsl is used as a fix, it deletes p tags when its child is ul or ol
- Apply html2hdocstruct1 to 6 : those xsl files are dedicated to building the hdoc structure based on the titles h1 to h6
- Apply html2hdocstructdivsection: this xsl completes the sections created in the previous xsl with
around the actual content of each level
- Apply xhtml2hdoc.xsl : this xsl transforms the content into hdoc structure
#### Post-transformations actions
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