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Converter : Wikipedia_to_Hdoc
Licence : GPL 3.0
Credits :
Carrel Billiard Harold
Harriga Merouane
Lhomme Nicolas
Getting started
......@@ -45,9 +61,12 @@ To do
Concerning images :
1 - Extract the metadata information from the meta.xml file for each image. You can do that by creating an XSL file that will be called from the ant task generated by xslt/get_ressources_urls.xsl. In that file you have the hand on each meta.xml File.
2 - Verify that images are well zipped to avoid any problem while testing in Opale
3 - Images inside paragraphs break the validation of the hdoc schema, do a preposition to change the schema and handle that.
Concerning listings :
1 - Succeed in finding the language of the part of code of the wikipedia article
......@@ -56,8 +75,11 @@ Concerning listings :
Concerning tables :
1 - Solve the encoding problem,
2 - Change Hdoc Scheme in order to accept images in tables?
3 - Display complex tables as tables in Opale (not extern files)
3 - Display complex tables as tables in Opale (not as extern files)
Be aware of the following things
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