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debug windows .bat

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......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ Credits
* Amélie Perdriaud
* Thibault Brocheton
* Bastien Frémondière
* Thibault Brocheton
* Guillaume Gomez
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ Known bugs
* All hdoc samples given in the "Download" section have been tested and should work well. If you want to use your own hdoc files, make sure that container.xml's root contains version="1.0" and xmlns="" attributes. Otherwise ant building will fail.
* It is not specified in hdoc's standard but I assume that hdoc's content file (usually named "content.xml") fullpath is a relative path that begins at the root of the hdoc archive. That means that the full-path attribute of <rootfile> (in container.xml) begins with a character, and not a special sequence such as ".", ".." or "/". It is already the case for my samples, but if you want to use your own samples make sure this full-path attribute is ok.
* Error in run.bat when not specifying the -DinputPath
......@@ -2,10 +2,13 @@
set lib=lib
set ant=mindmapping_to_opale.ant
set antparam=-Dprogram.param=%1
set inputPath=%2
set scJarList=%lib%\*
java.exe -classpath "%scJarList%" -Xmx150m -buildfile %ant% %antparam%
if defined %inputPath% java.exe -classpath "%scJarList%" -Xmx150m -buildfile %ant% %antparam% -DinputPath %inputPath%
if not defined %inputPath% java.exe -classpath "%scJarList%" -Xmx150m -buildfile %ant% %antparam%
REM start /MIN java.exe -classpath "%scJarList%" -Xmx150m -buildfile %ant% %antparam%
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