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# Converter hdoc_to_lexique

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License GPL3.0

Antoine Aufrechter, Estelle de Magondeaux, Marouane Hammi 

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In order to use this converter, follow those steps :
1. Copy your hdoc file (.scar or .zip) into the input directory. Do not put more than one file into the input directory.
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2. Execute the run that correspond to your OS.
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3. You will find the result into the output directory.

##User documentation
For each definition in the content.xml a .term is generated and for each source that is referenced in a definition the image associated (with its meta and props files) is copied into the output file with the definition.
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##Known bugs
>- Cannot put multiple input files

>- Change the name of the file (.term) to have a name without special character
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>- Manage multiple input files (e.g. see lexique_to_opale) 
>- list of element to convert :
>>- src url
>>- image
>>- pronounciation
>>- type (female, male,...) and (abbreviation, expanded,...)
>>- array
>>- multimedia
>-Do not generate the content.term or use it to generate an index instead (currently content.term is generated but useless)
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##Technical notes
>- The converter have to respect the same schema as the lexique_to_hdoc converter for the xslt