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......@@ -13,16 +13,16 @@ You also need *PyGTK* installed - required for screen resolution. `sudo apt-get
Clone this project and run `./ "your_sentence" [size]`
Parameters :
* your_sentence : [a-zA-Z!?]
* your_sentence : [a-zA-Z!?]{0, 20}
* [optional] size : 25 by default
WARNING : the number of running *xeyes* applications is limited. Therefore, you can only print 20 characters at once.
NB1 : you may need the execution right to run the script `chmod +x`
NB2 : to clear the sentence, just run `pkill xeyes`. Running the script clear screen at first.
## Work in progress...
Currently, this program is just able to print the sentence into a single line without handle the overflow. This should be fixed shortly.
Improvements to come :
* multi-line sentence
* slide show mode (several sentences print)
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